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Aromatic Self-Healing


Stress doesn't just come from work; it manifests in various ways at different stages of life, especially during transitions, leading to fear and anxiety. Over time, when the body can't cope, it may escalate into physical ailments. With the disruption caused by the pandemic, our usual rhythms are challenged, testing our emotional resilience and immunity. Learning home aromatherapy can stabilize the mind, body, and soul, promoting health and warding off stress and illness. This course will guide you in crafting stress-relief essential oil massage cream, teaching aromatherapy massage techniques, and embarking on a fragrant journey of self-healing.


Aromatic Self-Healing

Design Concept

Using simple, clear characters with thin strokes and soft edges, creating a calming visual effect. The main colors are soft earth tones, creating a relaxed and healing atmosphere for the theme “Self-Healing Journey.” The main visuals include character drawings, leaves, and essential oils, presented in a hand-drawn style for a cultural and textured look.


Aromatic Self-Healing

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Design Director Key Visual

Kiwi Tuan
Jimmy Liu

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